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  • Social

    Social LIVES

    Young, Social and Always On: This group are the mobile generation who are at the forefront of second screening. They use social media as an accompaniment to TV viewing, texting and tweeting about programmes and products they see.

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  • Connected

    Connected LIVES

    Networked, Connected and Juggling: TV sits at the heart of this groups entertainment, with on demand providing an extra layer of convenience. Second screening is really starting to emerge in this group with the rise in adoption of new technology.

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  • Busy

    Busy LIVES

    Hectic Families Whose Kids 'Tech Them Up': TV has one main role for this group; the shared viewing of event TV. Their households also tend to have more games consoles and alternative screens than any other.

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  • Traditional

    Traditional LIVES

    TV Lovers who are Slower to Change: This group tend to watch the most TV. It is mostly linear and is mostly watched on the main TV set. Technology is a small part of their life they only dabble with things like social media and online viewing.

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