Find Out Who's Watching

ITV Commercial Research has been looking to create audience insight fact-files for each of ITV's largest and most commercially attractive audiences. Gathering data and insight from a number of credible sources, the research team looked into the areas of media habits, technology penetration & usage, and lifestyle trends.

Here are some of the key learnings, or for more info download our one-pagers, below.

UK Kids

"Young people are considerably more connected than any other age group" 

  • 4-15s watch on average 16hrs 20min of TV per week
  • 74% have their own PC, Laptop or Tablet
  • Kids spend 1.8 hours online per day

Modern British Families (Watch the video) 

"Parents are among the most tech-savvy consumers" 

  • 55% of parents are on social media to keep an eye on their kids
  • 26% of parents receive coupons through their mobile phones 
  • The average family size has downsized by 4% since 2006

Mass Afluent (ABC1): 

"Highly educated, wealthy, love travel and culture" 

  • 20% higher personal income than GB average 
  • 30% likely to have financial products 
  • 32% are watching TV online each week 


Housewives with Children   

"Mums are crucial to your business!" 

  • ITV reaches 6.2 million Mums monthly
  • Mums consume TV more than any other media 
  • 75% want to be able to leave feedback on a website 


"The most powerful and marketable demographic" 

  • 1 in 3 tablet owners are 55+
  • TV is still the biggest medium for over 55s
  • 66% are "economically prosperous"

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