What is the ITV Hub?

The ITV Hub replaces ITV Player and across mobile, PC and connected TV to become the new digital destination for all our TV channels and online services. Live streaming of our channels, which now accounts for over 30% of usage on PC and mobile, is at the heart of this new service, offering audiences a more compelling viewer experience across all devices. 

The new, dynamic branding and colour palette is based on the dot above the ‘I’ on each of the ITV channel logos – ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, CITV and ITVBe - reinforcing the message that the on demand experience is a natural extension of our linear TV channels.

What’s more, the service now extends our digital reach to become available for the first time on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, and the new Freeview Play service. Even the desktop service is completely brand new, merging our on demand pages with individual show websites. The enriched browser experience across desktop, mobile and tablet means that brands are now able to expand on our platforms and reap the benefits of a greater design and user experience. 

Introducing the ITV Hub

Here's a simple to understand explanation of the magic behind our partnership with Sorenson Media, with a little help from Joe and Stacey:

What Video can do for brands:

  • ITV Hub is the largest commercial broadcaster VOD service in the UK

  • Advertisers can place their ads in award winning shows such as I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, The X Factor and The Only Way Is Essex
  • ITV Hub can add incremental reach to a TV campaign, no matter the size of the TV budget.

  • VoD advertising campaigns can significantly increase brand metrics such as awareness, purchase intent and favourability, over and above a standard TV campaign.

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Available downloads

Addressable VOD

What ITV have to offer

1) Broadcast Inferred Targeting

This is the same level of ‘targeting’ that we have offered historically. If a programme performs well on Broadcast for a particular audience, we have assumed that it will deliver for this audience in the on-demand environment. An example of this might be TOWIE delivering 16-34 Ads.

2) ‘BARB’ Target Audiences

By using our 1st party registration data now pushing 13 million registered users whom we have collected name, DoB, title (sex), postcode (and in some cases working with our data partner Indicia) we will be able to offer campaigns delivered only against the audience being bought. An example of this might be us only serving an ad to a 16-34 Ad (as defined by the date of birth they have supplied to us via their registration). We will have a limited supply of BARB targeted inventory.

So just a little more detail about Audience+ This offering can be constructed in multiple ways.

3) Audience + can only be delivered on inventory that is delivered to our signed in registered user – so using itv’s 17mil registered users (signed-in; so via ios, desktop not android at this stage coming soon) we can ‘append’ additional data.

For example, we could take advertiser 1st party data and match this to our data to create new audiences – we need to ensure in all cases the audiences are substantial enough for all parties.

Or you could purchase 3rd party data supplied by our approved data partner – Indicia

Or integrate client 3rd party client data and again use Indica to help amalgamate this data with itv’s

Or we could combine all of the above

Clearly there is a jigsaw to manage here with regards to managing inventory; whether that’s Broadcast inferred, A+, BARB so there is likely to be a carefully managed supply.