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Advertising Opportunities

Bring your brand to life and engage with millions of viewers through ITV's exciting and innovative advertising options.

Our experts will help you plan your campaign across one or more of our mediums, both on-air and off-air, so that you gain maximum reach at minimum cost and an exceptional return on investment.

Broadcast Advertising

  • Airtime


    Airtime brings your advert to life and builds high level brand awareness in a way no other medium can.

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  • Product Placement

    Product Placement

    Brands placed seamlessly into a programme are guaranteed to influence mass audiences.

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  • Teleshopping


    Infomercial slots provide the perfect opportunity to tell your story and sell direct to the viewer.

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  • ITV Breakfast

    ITV Breakfast

    Exclusive packages for Good Morning Britain and Lorraine, the UKs most watched breakfast TV.

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  • Rates


    With micro-region targeting and ad tailoring, advertising on TV has never been so accessible or affordable.

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  • Sponsorship


    Programme sponsors get maximum visibility, bringing them close to loyal fans and influencing purchases.

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  • Reactive Advertising

    Reactive Advertising

    TV advertising campaigns are relevant, timely and topical in real time - making them even more powerful.

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Online Advertising

  • Video


    This is the digital destination for targeted, incremental reach across all devices using AdExplore, AdPlay, Text Overlays.

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  • Interactive VOD

    Interactive VOD

    High level interactivity engages users and increases purchase intent more so than standard TV advertising.

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  • Second Screen

    Second Screen

    The ideal environment to create an active conversation and engagement between brand and viewers.

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  • Display


    A wide range of display solutions across for campaigns within content around ITV's best loved shows.

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  • Social


    Branded posts and tweets written in collaboration with our editorial team to promote games, competitions, special offers

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  • Creative Solutions

    Creative Solutions

    Branded competition & poll pages on with traffic driving, data collection, winner confirmation, prize fulfilment.

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  • Sponsorship


    Multi-platform packages across online and apps, plus bumpers on ITV Player content as well as social media engagement.

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  • ITV AdVentures

    ITV AdVentures

    Offering advertisers an exciting and innovative way to engage with consumers through distribution partnerships.

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  • AdSync+


    Syncing digital advertising to broadcast advertising based on audience behaviour online, to amplify message and increase reach.

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Brand Extensions

  • Brand Licensing

    Brand Licensing

    Commercial partners can access our audience and build relationships using off-air TV rights to create activation campaigns.

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  • Commerce & Ventures

    Commerce & Ventures

    Offering off-air campaign activation, experiential offers & talent engagement for audiences to get deeper brand experiences.

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  • Brand Extensions Contacts

    Brand Extensions Contacts

    Partnerships, promotions, licensing, live events, tours, visitor attractions, gaming apps, teleshopping & more.

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