Online and App sponsorships

We offer a range of Multiplatform packages including sponsor buttons, display inventory, Premium Pushdown Takeovers on platforms belonging to the show itself. On top of this we can offer 5" sponsorship bumpers on ITV Player content; which includes desktop and mobile. Social Media can be another element to a Multiplatform package; and can be particularly effective when using the show's own Facebook and Twitter pages. Together with AdSync, bespoke content, games and competitions; these packages can create a very strong link between the programme and its sponsor - making sure to reach audiences on all platforms.

Making your Brand Famous

  • Deliver stand-out in a cluttered market
  • Build brand fame
  • Raise awareness
  • Shift brand perceptions
  • Influence purchase decision
  • Guarantee a prime position and maximum visibility to your chosen target audience.

Explore sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship is a great way for your brand to benefit from being associated with a popular television programme. See the available programmes up for Sponsorship on ITV right now.

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  • 5.9m Nearly 6 million people saw the LEGO ad break live on TV
  • 1.2m 1.2 million people sought the ad out on YouTube