Television has the X Factor

Television is exciting, engaging and empathetic, bringing brands and advertising campaigns to life unlike any other medium. The television experience is a complete sensory feast, entertaining the nation and bringing people together with high-performing, iconic programmes like Coronation Street, Britain’s Got Talent, Downtown Abbey, Broadchurch, The X Factor, Emmerdale, Take Me Out, TOWIE and many, many, more...

TV offers unbeatable reach. In just one-day an advertiser’s message can reach 73% of the UK population. Within a week you can reach 94% and within a month, that number rises to 98%. No other medium can better these figures (Source: BARB 2014).

You can start to see why television is so powerful. TV builds brand fame and is proven to be at the heart of effectiveness. According to the IPA study, Advertising Effectiveness: the long and short of it, TV advertising remains the most effective way to build a brand and creates larger business effects than other forms of advertising. TV advertising generates the biggest incremental profits and is particularly important for long-term payback. None of the 1,000 ad campaigns included in the study achieved substantial long-term profit growth without investing in TV advertising. The study also revealed that TV can enhance short-term effects too, through synergy with other channels particularly online (Source: IPA Advertising Effectiveness: The Long and the Short of it 2012).

The findings from the recent Payback 4: Pathways to Profit study from Thinkbox showed that TV advertising remains the most effective form of advertising and creates the most profit for businesses pound for pound. The study found that TV gave an average profit return of £1.79 for every £1 invested during 2011-14. This is in spite of the economic flux and significant changes in both technology and consumption. This is also more than any other medium and shows a profit increase of over 5% since 2008-11. TV advertising’s ‘multiplier effect’ consistently makes other elements of a campaign work harder (Source: Thinkbox Payback 4: Pathways to Profit 2014).

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