Maximise Your Reach With Our Family of Channels

ITV is the UK’s largest commercial TV station, offering advertisers unparalleled volumes of audiences from all key demographics. Just to give you a taste, so far in 2014 ITV has shown:

The most watched programme on any channel

The most watched comedy, soap, new drama series, sport and entertainment programme.

We like to believe we are at the heart of popular culture and are the only commercial channel to regularly attract big, big audiences (up to 13 million viewers!). In the first half of 2014, the top 172 commercial programmes were on ITV. ITV accounts for 97.8% of commercial programmes attracting more than 5m viewers.

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Hit the target

One of ITV's biggest USPs for advertisers is our regional flexibility. ITV is the only broadcaster that allows advertisers to target consumers on a national, macro, regional and even micro region level. You choose. This allows advertisers to reach out to just the consumers they want to target. No wastage - brilliant.

ITV offers 15 unique broadcast areas closely related to key counties. This allows advertisers to match advertising to retail outlets, core consumers, and regional demographic profiles and purchase preferences. To find out more about the regions and to see detailed maps, visit our Regions pages