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Television is exciting, engaging and empathetic, bringing brands and advertising campaigns to life unlike any other medium. The television experience is a complete sensory feast, entertaining the nation and bringing people together.

TV offers unbeatable reach. An advertiser's message can reach: 

  • 73% in one day
  • 94% in one week
  • 98% in one month

Through these impressive reach figures, you can see why TV is so powerful- it builds brand fame and is proven to be at the heart of effectiveness. Click here to see our partner's Thinkbox's Top 10 reasons why TV is King.

  • 98% reach of an advertiser's message through TV to the UK population in one month

TV advertising remains the most effective form of advertising and creates the most profit for businesses pound for pound with an average profit return of £1.79 for every £1 invested.TV advertising’s ‘multiplier effect’ consistently makes other elements of a campaign work harder.

Thinkbox , Payback 4: Pathways to Profit 2014




The Power of TV

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