A Deeper Brand Experience

Ad funded programming (AFP), which you may have also heard being called branded content, is a deal where your brand has a very close relationship with an ITV programme, either financially or creatively.

AFP goes beyond sponsorship, where funding goes directly into the production of the programming, reaching consumers by association with ITV’s fantastic content.

AFP deals can include combinations of many different elements, from custom-made programmes to sponsorship credits, online content, licensing rights and international distribution partnerships. These partnership initiatives can be wholly or partially funded, depending on the deal.

Recent examples include Minute to Win It with Cadbury Spots vs. Stripes on ITV2 and Annabel’s Kitchen with Fairy Liquid on CITV. 

About the Cadbury deal, Fru Hazlitt, Managing Director, ITV Commercial and Online said: "We are delighted to team up with Cadbury for this new partnership built around a great programme format commissioned by ITV2.

"We have pledged to explore new ways of working with our clients and this is a great example of us enabling a key client to use all of the marketing power of ITV’s platforms."

Watch the video for an excellent AFP execution. For more specifics, click on the downloadable below or read Thinkbox's guide.

To find out more about ad funded programming please contact katherine.marlow@itv.com. staff.