Tell the Full Story

ITV is proud to offer teleshopping airtime across ITV2, ITV3 & ITV4 in the form of half-hour infomercials.

Sometimes a 30-second slot isn’t enough time to convey the full benefits of a product or service to the consumer. A 30-minute Teleshopping slot on one of ITV’s channels gives advertisers the perfect opportunity to tell their full story and sell direct to the viewer.

Pick your Platform

  • ITV2 is the most popular digital channel in the UK, delivering an exciting mix of talent, celebrity gossip and young drama.
  • ITV3 is the biggest digital channel for ABC1 Adults, who tune in to enjoy quality movies and drama.
  • ITV4 is an entertainment channel made specifiically for men, with a core audience of 25-44 year-old males.

What's Available? 

  • Packages can be bought either monthly or quarterly
  • Inventory is available from 2.30am to 6am daily

ITV’s rates are extremely cost-effective so to talk specifics and learn more about this exciting opportunity, please contact Jamie Duncan, Head of Digital Teleshopping Sales