The Guilty

The 3-part drama is set across two timelines – 2008 and present day – and tells the story of DC Maggie Brand, played by Tamsin Greig (Episodes, Friday Night Dinner) who investigates the disappearance of little Callum Reid.

Lulled into a false sense of security by the backdrop of an annual neighbourhood barbecue during the summer of 2008, Claire and Daniel Reid (played by Katherine Kelly and Darren Boyd) revel in the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere whilst enjoying the company of their friends. Amidst the noise and chaos as everyone looks forward to the evening, little Callum Reid plays contentedly. When copious amounts of alcohol are consumed however, tempers flare and an ugly, violent scene rapidly changes the mood of the evening.

In the hours following the barbecue, Callum goes missing and nothing is ever the same again.

Key Data

  • Genre : Drama
  • Channel : ITV
  • Target Audience : Upmarket
  • Daypart : Peak