If a snappy ad in a commercial break won’t cut it, teleshopping advertising buys you more time. This option allows you to take over a channel for 30 minutes where you can sell your product or service directly to the viewer within an infomercial slot. It’s a great option if you want to build a deeper understanding around what it is you do.

It's available across the following channels, meaning you can pick a spot that works most naturally for your viewers.

ITV2: Whether it’s films, celeb gossip, comedy, or drama, the nation’s most-loved channel is the place for outrageous entertainment

ITVBe: The place for real lives and real people, it has a largely female audience and is dedicated to lifestyle and entertainment

ITV3: Loved by women aged 35 and above, this channel is home to beautiful stories, passionately told

ITV4: Particularly popular amongst 25-44-year-old men, this is the go-to for fans of sports and cult classics and is where legends come to life

Digital +1 and HD channels: All shows watched by viewers via catch-up and high definition

2.3m On average 2,346000 tuned in to watch Love Island season ten

41% ITVBE reached 41% of housepersons in 2022

35 ITV3 programmes have more than 800k viewers

67% Of ITV4 viewers are men

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