Converting your competitors’ customers is one tactical way to grow your market share – and we’re unique in that we allow you to do it for free. We’ll only charge you for your target audience, meaning you can unlock untapped markets while keeping the price of advertising on TV low.

And as we’re home to 95% of all commercial programmes which attract more than five million people, you have the potential to spread your message further than ever before. But the scale doesn't mean you sacrifice the personal touch, as you speak to people in their most intimate spaces – in their homes and on their personal devices through ITV Hub.

That’s good news for you, because our ITV Primal Screen research found that TV provides the strongest sense of bonding in this digital age. And when these conditions are present, viewers are three times as likely to pay attention to the ads and four times more likely to seek out information about the products.

To get an idea of how we could make your business famous, check out some of our 2018 figures:

1,147 Shows attracted 3m+ viewers

47.5m People tuned in to watch the World Cup

913 Of the top 1k commercial programmes were on TV

11.8m Watched I’m a Celebrity, making it the most watched entertainment show

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