Product Placement with ITV

ITV is the biggest commercial broadcaster in the UK, reaching 36.8m viewers a week – 61% of all TV viewers, we are at the heart of popular culture. Accounting for more than 98% of commercial programmes which attract more than 5m viewers, there is immense opportunity for successful campaigns, especially with product placement and tv.


What is Product Placement?

A clever way to get more eyes on your brand, product placement allows us to seamlessly incorporate your product into a show’s narrative. ITV has aired over 4.5k+ hours of product placement, always making sure the product fits the show and appears in a natural setting.


This tactic helps to ensure your product stands out in viewers’ minds, either inspiring or validating purchase decisions. You can also be seen by the right people by picking a show loved by your current or potential audiences.


ITV’s product placement can drive a stronger and more emotional connection between a brand and viewers. Having worked with numerous brands, ITV has the experience and credibility to provide fantastic results.

Successful campaigns include:


What are the benefits of product placement?

Product Placement can allow your brand to spotlight your products in some of the biggest shows in the industry. Viewers exposed to placements are more likely to notice wider advertising activities, and with this comes many benefits:


  • Encourage acceptance of brand

  • Enable new brand associations

  • Drive long-term memory encoding

  • Opportunities with an engaged and driven audience

  • Create brand advocacy

  • Generate positive word of mouth and brand talkability

  • Product Placement drives synergy with spot advertising

Who is product placement right for?

Product Placement is right for brands of all shapes and sizes. We just need to know what your objectives are and who your target audience is.  The cost of product placement is unique to each of our clients. If you would like to power up your brand, get in touch with and a representative will be in touch.

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