We have the nation’s attention. It may sound like a bold claim, but with our shows reaching 38.5m people a week, it’s true! But there’s more to ITV than the numbers; more than the country’s favourite shows; more than the presenters that make you laugh out loud every morning.

We’re at the heart of popular culture. We drive those “omg did you watch last night?” moments; those “I can’t believe he did that!” WhatsApp chats; those “you must catch up!” lunch break conversations. We’re home to the nation’s favourite street, the world’s most love-filled island, and a jungle that any celebrity would want to escape from. We’re more than TV; we have the power to shape culture and drive action.


913 Of the top 1k commercial shows are on ITV

95% Of commercial shows attracting more than 5m viewers are on ITV

64% Of TV viewers are reached by ITV each week

1,147 Shows attract more than 3m viewers

Bringing people together

And it’s not just us that think so. Even in this digital age when many feel isolated, TV remains a genuinely social event – 60% agree that nothing beats TV content for bringing people together. ITV in particular creates more bonding moments than any other channel – 16% more in fact than the average channel and 38% higher than our closest commercial competitor.

Why it matters for you

Your company has the potential to join the conversation and depending on your needs, can be seen by thousands; if not millions, of people. And these emotive, highly social, moments will get you noticed. Our research found when these bonding conditions are present, viewers are impacted in the following ways:

2x More likely to believe more thought had gone into the ads

3x More likely to pay more attention to the ads

4x More likely to actively seek out information about the ads

8x More likely to participate with interactive ads.

We can make you famous

That’s all good news for you, as it’s just one way we can use the power of advertising to make you famous. And seeing as fame and emotion have both been proven to generate more sales and profit for brands, make partnering with us a key part of your marketing strategy and get ready to unlock a whole world of potential.

Marketing campaigns designed to drive fame are around four times as efficient at driving market share growth. Les Binet and Peter Field, The Long and Short of It

Unlocking your customers of tomorrow

We give you something that no one else can – and that’s the ability to reach your competitors’ customers for free. With our shows reaching 38.5m people a week, scale is at the heart of ITV.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll lose your personal touch, as you’ll speak to them in their most intimate spaces – in their homes and on their personal devices through ITV Hub. And because you only pay for the audience you’re targeting, building your future customer base has never been more affordable

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