Second Screen

Second Screen Takeover provides an integrated, interactive and synchronised dual-screen advertising experience which taps into the consumer behaviour of "multi-screening". Users on the play-along games for our live shows are presented with a rich-media takeover when the broadcast ad break commences. This can be used independently or as a companion to broadcast spots - enabling broadcast advertisers to create an engaging, interactive and synchronised experience on the second screen.

Second Screen Takeover creative consists of multiple panels navigated by swiping. Content can include the following:

  • Content clickthroughs - externally-hosted sites with engaging contents such as competitions, product pages, etc...
  • Video content - this is a video thumbnail that once clicked will expand to play video content
  • Responsive design - all content will scale accordingly to your device. Overlaying copy and images will automatically move into the safe area for your specified device as standard ensuring all copy is clear and present

Creative can also animate and include video backgrounds to add a dynamic element to make the brand experience a really eye-catching experience.

Types of creative can include the following:

Second Screen Takeover Hotspots allow the user to explore further. Whether it's a feature for a product or a bio for a character in a movie, Hotspots allow the user a more in-depth creative with opportunity to explore the offering further.

Second Screen Takeover Gallery allow a brand to showcase galleries providing the user with exclusive behind the scenes images, product details and more.

Second Screen Takeover Microsite gives a dynamic, choice-based experience to the user. With various options to choose from, the user can choose what they view and in what order. This provides brands with a more empowering and personalised experience for their users which is rich in content and can give insight into what appeals to users most.

Second Screen Takeover Pro caters for a more gamified experience. The creative is custom built and allows creative free reign.

Find out more about our award winning insights behind ITV programme apps users.

What Second Screen can do for brands:

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