Unify your campaign planning and synchronise second screen advertising.

Be there for the multi-screeners before they even have to search for your brand. 

What AdSync+ can do for brands:

Amplify your TV advertising message with multi-screeners, based on their sharing, viewing and engaging behaviour online.

AdSync+ is an opportunity to sync your digital advertising to your ITV advertising, complimenting our second screen takeovers, apps and online, Ad Sync+ finds your audience on sites beyond ITV.

Using Radium One's unique Sharegraph Technology to define the right target audience for your campaign, you can reach your desired audiences simultaneously across other devices and online environments through sharing, viewing and engaging behaviour online.

You can target the multi screener for a second time on second devices while watching ITV, delivering frequency and impact, but also deliver your synched ad to the ITV viewer who isn't in front of the screen, therefore increasing reach.

Advertisers will be able to target audiences based on their levels of engagement and sharing and viewing behaviours and will have access to 15m UK users across screens. 

Why synchronise?

  • Harness that emotional TV moment to continue building brand fame. 
  • Be there for the consumer before they react to your TV commercial.
  • Use immediacy to focus the attention of multi-screening viewers on news or information to compliment your TVC.

How does it work? The Three Step Process

1. Gathering Intelligence

2. Activating

3. Gaining Insight