Interactive VOD

Our innovative interactive features engage users on a deeper level, increasing purchase intent even more than standard TV advertising.

Ad Explore

Ad Explore is our interactive VoD format which is based on a standard broadcast creative with a layer of interactivity built on top. This layer allows users to explore and delve deeper into an advertiser's products or services without leaving the VoD environment. The interactive features include buttons, overlays, carousels and animations that appear over the video. Each button can launch microsites, display images, play videos or click-through to a new URL.

Ad Explore lends itself to various commercial opportunities including:

  • Extra content/videos
  • Featured/similar products (e.g. "get the look")
  • Special offers
  • Competitions
  • Social network pages/share functionality

Ad Show

Ad Show is a premium interactive ad format positioned around ITV video content. But unlike traditional VOD ads, Ad Show does not require a video creative. Our Ad Show format enables brands to advertise around premium ITV video content without the cost of video production. Brands can make use of existing print, radio and display assets to create these interactive experiences.

A typical Ad Show creative lasts for 30 seconds before the user is able to close the ad. During this time the audio plays and the interactive elements animate. If the user is not engaging the ad will automatically close after a few seconds of inactivity. However, if they are engaging then the ad remains open until the user wishes to stop engaging with the brand.


What Interactive VOD can do for brands:

Format sub-types

  • Ad Explore Buttons allows you to upload an image of any size that you can place anywhere on the video player. Viewers can click on the image in order to open an external link to a website or a video to discover more about your brand or products.
  • Ad Explore Carousel allows non-disruptive viewing of additional videos, images or web links in a tidy and thoughtfully positioned sidebar. Viewers can browse through content whilst the video plays and spend more time discovering your brand and understanding your products. 
  • Ad Explore Extend allows audiences to enjoy an extended version of your standard ad without any interruption. Ideal for film, music, entertainment clients. 
  • Ad Explore Ribbon allows brands to advertise products to our audience through multiple time-synced experiences. Time-synced feature allows products to appear in the ribbon as they appear in the video. This increases the likelihood of engagement and enables consumers to explore your products with click to purchase on the advertiser’s website. 
  • Ad Explore Select format is a great way of giving our viewers control of the ad. Select from multiple videos, advertisers can communicate with consumers through the content they find most appealing. 
  • Ad Explore Microsite is a custom-built version of Ad Explore where viewers are able to launch an in-player microsite experience. This microsite can include all sorts of rich media content including image and video galleries.
  • Ad Show Thumbnails contains a carousel of thumbnails. Each carousel page comprises 1-3 images with associated messages on mouse hover. It is possible to set a different background for each page of the carousel. Thumbnails can be highlighted and pages can rotate automatically.
  • Ad Show Hotspots consists of a background image with hotspots. These hotspots can appear and disappear at different times and can be set to highlight automatically. When clicked on they open a small window with more product details including an image carousel and a button.

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