Second Screen

ITV programme apps offer the ideal environment to create an active conversation with your brand and ITV viewers. Companion apps keep the viewer engaged and coming back for more. Call-to-actions for the app are plentiful during our shows and with a low barrier to entry they prove very popular with viewers.

Second Screen takeovers are mobile Ad formats that enable advertisers to take over the play-a-long game within the programme app at the same time as the adbreak is on TV. This compliments the mass awareness of TV and means you can deliver tailored brand experiences through a very personal device.

Find out more about our award winning insights behind ITV programme apps users.

What Second Screen can do for brands:

  • Better than ever targeting


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    • Second Screen: The Science behind ITV Programme Apps

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    Shazam is a mobile and tablet-based sound identification service more commonly known for music tags, but it’s capable of a whole lot more. 

    Now, Shazam enables viewers at home to tag broadcast and VoD ads during their favourite programmes, allowing them to discover, explore and share more content and brands they love. 

    How it works

    All you need is a TV ad and a smartphone with the Shazam app installed. When you see the Shazam prompt during a TV commercial, activate the Shazam app, sit back and enjoy the extra content on your mobile phone.

    1. Reach Further It allows brands to extend the reach and depth of their campaigns to mobile phones creating a unique interactive consumer experience.

    2.  Discover More Watch unseen footage, check out the showcased product picture gallery, enter competitions and buy stuff.

    3.  Share the Experience You've found that great bit of content, now share the experience with all your friends through social media.

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