Ant & Dec's Takeaway On Tour

Key Statistics

Full of star-studded shenanigans and spectacular challenges, Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway has been livening up our weekends since 2002.

In October 2013, ITV in partnership with James Grant Management, promoter SJM and co-producer ITV Studios, announced a tour of some of the UK’s biggest arenas with a brand new live show.

The pair said: "Takeaway is the one show that people always tell us they'd love to be in the audience for, so we've decided to take the show to them!"

The smash hit tour was one of summer 2014’s must see shows performing to over 300,000 fans in 33 arenas.

It featured all our Saturday Night Takeaway favourites including Audience Hits, Ant versus Dec with Ashley Roberts, Sing A Long Live, I’m A Celebrity Get Out of My Ear, celebrity guest announcers, Little Ant & Dec, a special Ant & Dec Riverdance performance, Win the Ads including the opportunity for someone in the audience to win a car and five star holiday each night, and an amazing End of the Show Show.

A full programme of primary and secondary brand partnerships and range of consumer products was also activated.