Argos Integrates Itself Into ITV Content


Argos was interested in an opportunity to promote and celebrate its new catalogue launch amongst core customers who were loyal ITV viewers. In doing so it wanted to give Argos a national presence for its 76th catalogue launch and cut through the might of spending from rival home retailer brands.


ITV knew that a great working relationship with Mindshare was pivotal to the project’s success. By associating the catalogue with ITV programming, with Mindshare's assistance, content was created which effectively targeted Argos’ target market of everyday families.


After extensive research and analysis, ITV identified five shows/categories which would best reach Argos' target audience - Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Daytime, Penn & Teller and Movies. In a ground-breaking campaign, exclusive 20sec ads were then created to integrate into each show. Each ad uniquely reflected the show's tone and feel. The ad’s main focus was to drive viewers to a bespoke micro site - where they could gain access to promotional vouchers.


In an innovative first for ITV, a competition was run which linked the Argos catalogue with content on Emmerdale. The first advertisement in the programme’s break asked viewers which page Alan Turner's birthday gift appeared in the new catalogue. The competition was further promoted with an Emmerdale licensing deal in-store poster.


The themed ads were a great success, achieving great cut-through despite co-branded spots only running for two days and at a low overall weight (111 TVRs). One-third of respondents were aware of the Argos campaign and there was 40% recall amongst respondents.

Brand affinity grew amongst those who saw the campaign on TV & online and most importantly catalogues picked up over the launch weekend were up year-on-year. The Emmerdale competition was also a success with 30% of Emmerdale viewers aware of the competition.