ASOS: Ad Explore the Possibilities

The Challenge 

Drive awareness of ASOS ranges and promote their 24hr flash sales.

The Insight

We’ve all experienced that moment on the high-street when we see a great sale in a shop window that leads to an impulse buy. By translating this high-street experience online we gave our users an irresistible opportunity to interact with ASOS content.

The Idea 

ASOS have tapped into the national passion for online shopping by offering brilliant fashion and a great user experience. We wanted to share this ASOS magic and drive sales by delivering instant retail therapy in a single VOD format. ITV’s Ad Explore allows you to explore the ad by offering an expandable overlay with a menu of links to extra content. This enables you to delve deeper into the advertiser’s offering and immerse yourself in the brand.

The first set of ads featured music videos from ASOS ambassadors, Azelia Banks, Ellie Goulding & Charlotte Free, modeling great party looks. A visually-rich interactive overlay allowed users to browse through the clothes worn by the celebrities in the ad. By clicking on their favourite item they could link to the relevant page on the ASOS website and instantly ‘shop the look’!

We know our viewers love a bargain and the second series of ads were promoting ASOS 24 hour flash sales. Ad Explore made it possible to flick through great money-off deals while the main ad promoted the limited-time sale. Sale items linked directly through to point of purchase to give instant shopping joy and the use of different creatives for each sale kept ITV fashionistas on the edge of their seats and ready to shop.

ITV’s Ad Explore gave ASOS a neat and engaging way to showcase their product range remotely, while click to point of purchase functionality ensured users had an instantly gratifying shopping experience.

The Results 

All Ad Explore creatives

  • 2m+ impressions with 11% interaction rate
  • Average click-through rate of 3.44%.

Highest performing creative was for a 24hr flash sale

  • 145,000 impressions with 15% interaction rate
  • Average click-through rate of 6.53%.

Ad Explore and 3 key triggers enhanced impact and drove interaction

  • Deals - savings of up to 70%
  • Limited time - sales lasted for just 24 hours
  • Novelty - new creatives for each sale
  • 0
    Overall ASOS Ad Explore Click-through rate
  • 0
    24-hour flash sale Ad Explore click-through rate