Barclays and ITV News At Ten


Barclays wanted to shift negative perceptions of banks and bankers when headlines regarding unemployment rates still ruled in 2013. Barclay’s Life Skills work placement scheme wanted to gain the trust of young viewers by repositioning the bank as a ‘force for social good’.  


Viewers don’t trust banks, especially when they say they aren’t all bad, but viewers do trust real people’s first hand experience.  


Showing ITV viewers how Barclays could transform real lives in real time. Follow two 15 year-old Life Skills participants who each shared their experiences on camera during Work Experience Week. Daily spots in the middle of ITV’s News at Ten ensured Barclays hit the headlines for the right reasons.  


News at Ten provided a credible home for Barclays’message, ensuring it would hit home with parents, teachers, SMEs and young folk. Our schedulers worked with the Director of News to create a unique fixed spot in the middle of the most trusted live moment in our schedule.

We enlisted an ITN crew of roving reporters to capture Barclays’ Life-Skills in action. They spent 8 days on the job with Ben, placed in a Coventry engineering firm, and Bryony, at a London telco provider. We also embedded two further Life-Skillers, Isabella and Giulia, within our own film crew, so we had real people in front of, and behind, the camera!

Footage was filmed across both locations and edited at lightening speed on the same day, just like the news itself. The resulting spots were whizzed across to ITV, Barclays and Clearcast for sign-off in time to air during that evening’s news.

1) Launch spots on Sunday 16th June, saw Ben and Bryony share their hopes and fears for their placements and the week ahead.

2) The Monday to Friday News At Ten spots charted their transformation from timid newbies to confident workers, showing how Barclays was changing lives, live!

3) To increase campaign reach, extra video diary content was uploaded daily to Barclays’ Life-Skills and Facebook pages.

4) The campaign concluded across the weekend, with Ben and Bryony reflecting on their life changing experience, and giving Life-Skills the definitive thumbs up!



32,000 young people signed up to the scheme

This was 224% up from the previous year

3,500 teachers and 600 SMEs signed up to take part in the scheme

Traffic to more than doubled versus the previous year

Facebook ‘likes’ peaked at 100k 

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    Young People Signed Up To The Scheme