and Shazam create ‘Something Kinda Ooooh’


Ironically for the beauty industry, cosmetic brands need to do more than just look good to get noticed at Christmas time – they have to think smart, too. And with a slender £60k budget, was up against competitors with much deeper pockets. 

Insight customers are inspired by icons of pop culture and the biggest pop icons of the past decade for young women – Girls Aloud – were celebrating 10 years together in an ITV Christmas special. It was the perfect platform for the online beauty company to influence its key consumers.


ITV knows its younger audiences is more likely to use Shazam technology whilst watching their favourite music programme than during an ad break, so Girls Aloud: 10 Years At The Top presented an amazing opportunity: ITV would create the first ever ‘Shazamable’ programme. This innovation ensured that Beautybay’s message was at the heart of all mobile content and the editorial itself. 


Beautybay became broadcast sponsors of Girls Aloud: 10 Years At The Top, which provided a foundation for the partnership.

During the ITV2 programme, viewers were encouraged to activate their Shazam mobile apps at key moments, which were prompted by station announcers and in-show, on-screen text. 

By simply ‘tagging’ audio from within the app at key points in the TV show, viewers got immediate mobile access to a unique Beautybay digital hub, where they could access a world of exclusive Girls Aloud content such as:

  • Exclusive unseen footage
  • Interviews with Cheryl, Kimberley, Nicole, Nadine and Sarah
  • The chance to buy a special edition Ten album
  • A competition to meet the band at a secret gig

Shazammers were also treated to Beautybay goodies, such as:

  • 15% online store discount on all Beautybay products
  • Make-up tutorials and beauty advice which was shareable via social media



We beat all previous Shazam records… Conversion from programme viewers to those tagging the content was twice as high as the best Shazam campaigns that had run in ad breaks and a further 60% interacting with at least one element of the digital hub. 10% of those who engaged redeemed the discount voucher from, contributing towards a 235% increase in website traffic. Most impressively there was 48% increase in sales compared to the pre-Christmas week in 2011 and 20% were attributed to Shazam and ITV.

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