BHF: Viewers Given A Heart Attack

The Challenge 

The brand objective for the campaign was to reduce the number of fatal heart attacks, while the communications challenge was to educate people about the signs of a heart attack. The campaign aimed to deliver the drama and effectiveness of ‘Watch Your Own Heart Attack’ by positioning it as event television, with a fully integrated campaign including a bespoke campaign website.

The Idea 

A fully-integrated campaign across TV, Radio, Print, Online and  ITV Red Button Interactive. The campaign centered around a ground breaking two minute ad which took viewers through the exact experience of what it felt like to have heart attack.

10" teasers across ITV channels ran for a week in the lead up to the final two-minute ad which aired on the Sunday Midsomer Murders slot.

ITV gave viewers 24-hour access to the full ad, available via ITV’s red button interactive menu for a full week after initial transmission. A dedicated website at, allowed viewers to request a mobile or email reminder, link to the British Heart Foundation and previews of 10" tease.

Out-of-home print ads used to announce the "most important two minutes of TV you’ll ever see!" on cross-track 48 sheets and washroom panels. There were Print ads in national press weekend supplements and TV listing magazines.

The Results 

This ground-breaking ad achieved great cut through, being watched by more than six million people and attracting 13.1% of all UK adults. has since attracted more than 350,000 unique visits, whilst the film has been viewed over 300,000 times on YouTube.

Core message take-out among people who viewed the event was outstanding, with a 30% increase in knowledge that "every heart attack is different, there are a wide variety of symptoms" versus those who had not seen the event. Awareness of specific, lesser known symptoms also increased among members of the target audience (45+, C1C2D) who watched the event.

Among those viewing the event there was a 20% increase in the number of viewers who wanted to find out more about heart attacks, as well as a 24% increase in target audience members concerned about heart attacks as a health issue.

(Source: Hall and Partners)


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