Budweiser product placement in the heart of the entertainment


Budweiser’s previous sponsorships of the FA Cup in 2011 and 2012 had had less of an impact on sales than they’d hoped. They were a brand with little perceived cultural heritage, sponsoring the most historic football tournament in the world. How could Budweiser make their sponsorship much more successful and relevant to the fans?


Football is played by all nations worldwide, unifying all types of backgrounds; it brings people together and allows fans to be right at the heart of the sport. Football is a sport that is famous for igniting passion in fans.


As fans are integral to the sport, it completely made sense that in order to appear genuine in the world of sports sponsorship, it would require putting the fans before the brand. What better way to do that then to make fans more than just the target of the advertising by actually making them part of the advertising?  


Creating a film of the fans experiences formed the crowning of the campaign and in order to gather footage, fans were encouraged to tweet football related photos from the 2012/2013 FA Cup to the hashtag #tothedream on Twitter.

The film was created using ITV’s match day presence during the various rounds of the FA Cup. We had a separate crew filming footage and taking photgraphs of the fans rather than the game. These images and footage were then blended in with the photos sent in via tweets from the fans in order to create something truly unique.

The 120” Film- a first for Budweiser-revolved around the fan’s perspective of the FA Cup and focused on Budweiser’s commitment on bringing the FA Cup closer to fans- literally.

Watch the full length ad above!

The film was strategically placed in the much sought-after first break before kick off in the FA Cup final.

It was also aired to fans at Wembley before kick off spurring morale for the game.


  • Previous year sponsorship had a 2% positive sentiment vs fans first approach, which garnered 29%
  • FA Cup sponsorship awareness was up 38% compared to 2012
  • Off-trade sales increased 9% YoY
  • The campaign allowed for instant customer engagement with thousands of images being tweeted in the hope of being featured in the film

Iain Newell, Budweiser’s UK Marketing Director, said:

“We are really excited to have captured some of the great moments shared throughout this season’s competition through the fans. The film illustrates our commitment to bringing the beautiful game closer to the fans, and through this film we think we’ve captured a truly great season of FA Cup action.”

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