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National meerkat fever began in 2009 when the meerkats of Meerkovo arrived. Simples! However, continued success in a competitive category meant Compare the Market (CTM) couldn't sit on its tail. To maintain character awareness and its popularity it needed to establish an enduring home at the core of British culture. Specifically, CTM needed to drive business by increasing demand for its branded toys. NOT so simples!


Humans are driven by emotion. As the writers of Coronation Street (Corrie) for the past half-century can testify, lasting appeal comes from establishing engaging characters and following the relationships between them. To drive desire for the toy, we needed to drive love for the characters. 


Together Zenith, CTM, VCCP and ITV developed a cunning plan. From Nov 2012, CTM would do more than just sponsor Coronation St - instead, the Street would be ‘twinned’ with Meerkovo! Successfully uniting two iconic brands requires craft and sensitivity so Aleksandr made a short video laying out his plans. The show’s cast and producers watched this on set and loved it. We began creating what has already become an unrivalled broadcast partnership.  


As a "twinned" community, the meerkats would be part of the whole Corrie experience, and not just "sit" around the show. For the first time, ITV allowed commercial partners to use full production assets as part of the campaign – not least access to the Coronation Street set and cast, and work with the production team on the ident scripts. 

  • At launch the meerkats gave Corrie’s famous theme tune a Russian makeover, which aired on ITV just before launch and also on, Facebook and YouTube
  • Corrie cast Tweeted about the official meerkat visit to the Street which wasfilmed and made into idents, supported by huge posters of Aleksandr

Philip Schofield interviewed Aleksandr live on This Morning about his love of Corrie

An ongoing relationship was forged between meerkats and cast. The meerkats publically sent friendly tweets at important moments (e.g. at The Soap Awards)

Most prominently, there were Corrie tributes in the show’s sponsorship idents (filmed on the actual Corrie set), with Aleksandr & Co re-enacting key scenes, meerkat-style.

We also delivered online guest-editing of the Weatherfield gazette, taking over the ad spots and using Facebook and Twitter to talk to Corrie fans about key storylines 


The partnership delivered massive awareness – from 0% to 84% in just three months

84% of viewers also said they “enjoy watching the creative”

Spontaneous response to creative was 56%

The Corrie theme tune gained over 2.7m online views and 4,000 tweets Most importantly, the intention to collect the full set of meerkat toys grew by 63%, to 39% amongst Corrie viewers (versus 24% of non-viewers) 

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