Connecting The X Factor with Skype

Skype took their association with The X Factor to a whole new level by showcasing their video messages and group calls on screen to millions through integrated product placement, but also using licensing and second screen to push viewers to a bespoke OneDrive folder for exclusive X Factor pictures and videos via Ad Syncs and social.


Skype wanted to showcase their new video call products in new and exciting ways to huge audiences and drive even more engagement across their own platforms


The product placement of Skype's products in contextually relevant scenes within 2013's X Factor normalised Skype and boosted consideration and perception amongst millions of viewers each week. It also encouraged the highly engaged fans of the show to find out more about Skype.


To increase the exposure for Skype within The X Factor and Xtra Factor and support the product placement deal with greater activation off air.


Working with Syco TV and FremantleMedia UK, we firstly scoped more editorial opportunities to use Skype on screen from the earlier Audition phases; in particular all 4 Judges using the new "Video voicemail" functionality to leave messages for their contestant groups to announce the location of their respective Judges Houses abroad. By increasing their investment into digital and licensing, Skype were also then able to push viewers to a bespoke OneDrive folder for exclusive XF pictures and videos via Ad syncs and social, resulting in high engagement with the brand.