Dodger’s Got Talent


Launch new Choccie Dodgers biscuits to an audience of families with kids aged 6-10. Awareness of the ‘fun’ brand was high, particularly since Burtons had introduced monkey characters for ‘Jammie’ and ‘Toffee’ last year. But engagement was dropping, so we needed to get families involved with the brand again and make the Dodgers’ monkeys more accessible. 


Seeing their children enjoying a product is a great incentive for parents to want to buy it!


It was crucial that our campaign embraced playful 'family moments'. We therefore created 'Dodger Number 1' - an exciting sing-off that introduced 'Choccie' and pitched the three monkeys against one another in an epic music battle in the style of Britain’s Got Talent. 


Britain’s Got Talent is the biggest family moment in media, we therefore created a partnership that not only put ‘Dodger Number 1’ smack bang in the middle of the show and our audiences’ experience of it, but actually enhanced their viewing experience by giving them the chance to get even more involved. 

Bespoke Choccie ads appeared first in three consecutive BGT breaks and creative followed the monkeys through audition stages and a nail-biting sing-off, before directing viewers to a bespoke Dodgers website where they could watch the audition videos in full and vote for their favourite act. 

Our web and mobile sites allowed families to get completely immersed in the contest and the Dodgers brand. Digital content included video interviews with Choccie and his rivals, a Dodgers playlist and spoof news bulletins created by ITN that discussed Choccie’s progression in the contest. 



High levels of engagement

  • 1m views of Dodgers video content across ITV platforms
  • 31,000 votes for favourite monkey and Dodger No. 1 website attracted 55,688 visits

Significant shift in brand metrics

  • 21% uplift in brand advocacy for those who’d seen Dodger Number 1
  • 19% uplift in consideration for Dodgers and 38% uplift in consideration for Choccie Dodgers during campaign period.
  • Choccie Dodgers became a top 5% brand in terms of trial with 50% repeat rate
  • Jammie Dodgers value sales increased 22% period on period, volume increased 19%


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    Digital views of Dodgers video content
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