Domino's Pizzas Have Talent

The Challenge 

Domino’s wanted to continue to align itself with 16-34s and families, so it needed key weekend shared viewing opportunities, plus a platform to further increase brand awareness and unify its franchises nationwide. Enter Securing a slot in the schedule, which would keep Domino’s front of mind as the perfect accompaniment for an evening of big entertainment was absolutely vital. Enter Britain's Got Talent.

The Idea

In keeping with the BGT theme, Domino’s made superstars of their pizzas within their idents. Each ident focused on a different pizza, making the product extremely visible and tantalizing.

The pizza 'talents' provided a creative way to talk about the products whilst aligning Domino’s seamlessly with the show’s content.  There were several executions featuring different pizza toppings, each with a different attribute. The shots were extremely descriptive and utterly mouth-watering.

The execution was a multi-platform campaign consisting of TV, online sponsorship and interactive sponsorship. The TV sponsorship covered the main BGT show across ITV1 and the extension format Britain’s Got More Talent across ITV2. Online sponsorship featured Domino’s branding throughout the BGT site with a clickable logo.

A prominent Domino’s Pizza-branded video player and playlist page and a competition to win VIP tickets to the shows also featured. A red button interactive during the show further engaged viewers by allowing them to interact with the Dominos brand.

In addition, a licensing deal was in place which ensured the press launch for BGT was fully branded with Domino’s merchandise. This ensured that BGT and Domino's brands were aligned from the very start. The licensing element formed part of the sponsorship and Domino’s activated this in an exemplary way using the BGT logo for direct mail, point of sale, PR and internal communications.

In April 2010 the Britain’s Got Talent Pizza was born!  This illustrated a really innovative way of amplifying the sponsorship and bringing together all franchisees across the nation. Domino’s also had presence within the hospitality area at the studio as well as access to live show tickets and the Britain’s Got Talent Tour. 

The Results

The sponsorship impacted very positively on ITV audiences. Viewers who were aware of the sponsorship were significantly more likely to claim they would purchase a pizza from Domino’s in the future and more likely to say they would be certain to (67% of BGT viewers claimed that they were likely to purchase a Domino’s pizza). 

Most notably, one in six respondents claimed they went on to order a pizza from Domino’s as a result of seeing the sponsorship of Britain's Got Talent.

BGT delivered record numbers of viewers, which translated into record sales during the final week of the show. In addition, during every year of the three-year sponsorship deal, record numbers of new customers were attracted into Domino’s as a result of the association with BGT.

By combining on- and off-air activity, Domino’s created record levels of PR and brand exposure worth millions of pounds. BGT was undoubtedly instrumental in driving Domino’s year-on-year sales growth and helping to maintain Domino’s as the No.1 pizza brand in the UK today.


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