Iceland: The Power of Frozen


To creatively position Iceland as a modern, relevant retailer that uses the 'Power of Frozen' to bring to life the undisputable benefits of frozen food. We were asking consumers to rethink the role frozen food could play in their lives as well as drive a positive reaction to the Iceland brand.


There is snobbery around frozen food, where eating and buying frozen is commonly seen as a guilty quick fix; the aim was to make sure viewers understood there is no compromise on quality with frozen food.


In an innovative move, a 'Power of Frozen' ad break takeover aired on 23rd May 2015 during Britain's Got Talent, taking over TV screens for the full 3 and a half minute break.


The #PowerofFrozen takeover featured a voiceover and appearances from Iceland's brand ambassador, Peter Andre. A 19" introduction featuring Peter, talking about how frozen food can save money and generate less waste, was used to launch the break. This was followed by themed adverts from leading frozen food brands Birds Eye, McCain, Young's and Unilever. Between each advert, Peter returned to promote a further benefit of frozen food and to provide a link to the next creative. The takeover ended with a 12" closing piece before leading into Iceland's new 60" 'Power of Frozen' brand advert.


We wanted to show consumers the real power of frozen food, a category we have been experts in for 45 years. Taking over an ad break in the hugely successful Britain’s Got Talent and working with leading frozen food brands was the perfect way to show how frozen can inspire meal times and make a real difference to family life.

Speaking about the break takeover, Nick Canning , Joint Managing Director, Iceland

An innovative use of TV which led to the production of a truly stand out ad-break. Launching in BGT gave us the biggest possible audience on commercial TV and helped the campaign to achieve immediate impact. #PowerOfFrozen

Manmeet Dhillon , the7stars