Iceland Products Hit 'Celebrity' Status

The Challenge 

With the crucial pre-Xmas trading season coming up, Iceland wanted to launch the arrival of its new frozen 'party range', building awareness whilst driving sales within a competitive market. In addition, it wanted to engage directly with the key target audience of HWCH, drive footfall and build Iceland's credentials as the 'only place' for frozen party food.

The Idea 

Parties are synonymous with celebrities so Iceland were keen to associate its food with celebrity-themed engagements. The celebrity element of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here made it the natural choice to achieve this. The show provided Iceland the opportunity to associate its products with some of the most talked about celebrity content.

The idents showcased a seemingly normal family: mum, slightly embarrassing dad and two children. Within each scene the family are depicted holding a Christmas party for family members, friends and neighbours with the Iceland Christmas party food range being served to the guests. The vibe is that of an A-list party yet within a normal suburban backdrop. The red carpets are out, the paparazzi are ‘papping’ and autographs are being signed. The 'normal' family are elevated to celebrity status within the idents.

This was a multi-platform campaign consisting of TV, online sponsorship, mobile sponsorship and interactive sponsorship. TV sponsorship saw ads placed across the duration of the three-week series, with shows stripped in peak every evening on ITV1 and ITV2. The sponsorship extended to all IACGMOOH-related shows across ITV1 as well as all extension shows including I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Now! on ITV2.

The online sponsorship included integrated branding throughout with significant share of voice across the display inventory. Iceland idents featured in all catch-up and clips across Integrated branding also featured on ITV’s social networking activity across Twitter and Facebook.

The interactive sponsorship included a dedicated TV microsite for IACGMOOH and Iceland. Viewers were directed to the service from a trigger on the TV screen.

The mobile sponsorship involved ITV creating a dedicated Iceland WAP site, with traffic being driven there via banner ads on the ITV portal. Within this site a store locator facility was housed to drive users to Iceland stores.  

Finally a licensing deal ensured sponsorship was extended off screen to in store with point of sale posters carrying the IACGMOOH logo. Iceland also used the show logo across their press advertising, further strengthening the partnership.

The Results 

ITV took Iceland’s sales data for all products featured in week 1 of IACGMOOH and compared the results to the sales data for the prior week.  The data revealed some significantly positive sales shifts.

All new and existing products that were solely featured in the idents demonstrated a total sales uplift of 88% week-on-week. Iceland used the idents to introduce new product lines such as Breaded Jalapeño Peppers, Mini Choc Cups, Mini Rocky Roads and Mini Chicken Lattices. All of these products were again exclusively featured in the idents.  

Across the featured lines the sales uplift was 275% week-on-week and some of the party range contained firm favourites that were brought back for Christmas 2009 such as King Prawn Spoonz, Sticky Chicken Skewers, Mini Cornish Pasties, Mini Quiches and Mini Hot Dogs.

All of these products were just featured in the idents and across these five lines total sales increased 86% week-on-week. Even existing products such as Duck Spring Rolls which are available in store all year demonstrated a significant sales uplift across week one of 25%. 

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