Intel Creating Festive Cheer


Help to create consumer warmth by showcasing Intel’s more human approach to technology during their key sales period in the run up to Christmas 2012.   


Sending Christmas messages of good will to family and loved ones is an integral part of the season and its traditions. 


By allowing Intel to facilitate the sending of these seasonal messages we’ll showcase the creative possibilities that the brand stands for while offering viewers the chance to get involved and spread a little festive cheer. The X Factor is as a key pillar of ITV’s Christmas schedule, bringing families together to share in the viewing experience, cumulating with the final in the second week of December – the perfect family environment and time of year to send a personalized Christmas greeting to your family and loved ones, and a chance to get them and yourself on the telly. 


We created two new complimentary ten second ads, the first as a ‘shout out’ letting viewers know that the Shazam enabled Intel ad was coming up in the next break. The second to run immediately before the Intel ad to act as a countdown to ready viewers at home.

In the first centre break of the Final, viewers Shazamed the Intel ad, chose their own Facebook photo and a Christmas message from a pre-cleared selection. In the last ad of the Final two hours later, utilizing ITV’s Live Ad technology, the re-edited Intel ad was broadcast showing a selection of the personalized Christmas messages chosen by the client and approved by Clearcast.

ITV’s Live Ad technology, combined with Shazam provided Intel with the perfect opportunity to showcase their product while enforcing the creative possibilities of the brand. This ensured that ITV viewers could join in with a very seasonal and warm tradition, giving them an experience they valued. 



Positivity towards the brand

The duel screen interactivity drove a strong sense of positivity towards Intel. 83% (engaged) vs. 41% (not engaged)

Consideration & Investigation

Purchase consideration and brand investigation were strengthened significantly. 13% (pre) vs. 24% (post)

High interaction rate

17k Shazam tags with a 66% interaction rate from one Shazam enabled ad proves that viewers were highly receptive    

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