Ann Summers Gets 'Sexy Uncovered'

Ann Summers wanted to raise awareness in the run up to Christmas and Valentines Day and get their target audience to really notice their new range. 

Key Statistics

A multi-platform, socially interactive campaign with amazing results; a 51% uplift in sales

The Challenge 

Ann Summers' agency of eight years, Goodstuff Communications, approached ITV with a request: they wanted their first foray into TV to be unique and impactful. In addition they wanted to suspend people’s prior perceptions of the brand, raise awareness in the run-up to Christmas and Valentines Day and get their target audience to really notice the new range.

The Insight

ITV proposed a campaign which centred around a two-minute catwalk-style advert featuring real women to be recruited by Ann Summers via experiential events in shopping malls across the country and online via their own website. It would be an unmissable event, where British women can see the range and decide for themselves if it's for them.

With compliance a challenging hurdle, ITV had the expertise and relationship with Clearcast to assist Goodstuff Communications and Ann Summers through the delicate process of approvals.

The Idea 

A specially made 10 second teaser advert was produced with ITV, building up to the main event. In conjunction, a 10 second intro advert was transmitted immediately prior to the two-minute catwalk commercial, which debuted in The Only Way is Essex and showcased the 10 finalists in the competition.

During the programme, a prompt on screen for ITV2 viewers to vote for their favourite on the Ann Summers website drive viewer engagement. A complimentary 30-second VoD activity on ensured there online engagement as well. To ensure longevity, a 30-second cut down version of the TV catwalk debut advert was aired to run for a further six weeks post-launch. 

Off air, Ann Summers engaged ITV2 with a licensing deal, ensuring their marketing instore featured the ITV2 logo, further extending the touchpoints of the campaign.

The Results 

The campaign was an astounding success on every level. Ann Summers saw an immediate uplift of 51% in sales of a product featured in the advert after airing. The advert’s cut-through was highlighted by it trending on Twitter worldwide an hour after it aired.

On the back of these great results, Ann Summers invested further into more TV spots with a 30 second cut-down version. Anecdotally, in-store sales reps reported customers were asking for specific products from the TV advert.  

To cap if off, there was exceptionally high engagement with the campaign within Ann Summers internally (field colleagues, party planners, senior management, etc.).

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    Increase in sales of a product featured in the ad