Jaguar gets interactive with Shazam


Jaguar needed a platform in which to launch their brand new F-Type sports car and in particular wanted to relate to a younger audience. 


Media consumption habits are changing, in particular those of a younger generation and so a strong digital emphasis was felt paramount to the campaign, creating a ‘networked brand’ was integral to Jaguar. 


In order to relate to a tech savvy audience, the campaign needed to centre on the emerging dual-screening trend of using mobile devices whilst watching TV, one way of encouraging this was to partner up with Shazam. By making the ad ‘shazamable’ viewers would be taken straight through to rich media content.

The ‘Your Turn’ campaign was to focus on taking the consumer ‘behind the wheel’ by implementing the test-drive element of purchasing a car. It needed to provide a fully immersive experience, offering the audience the closest experience to a test drive as possible without actually putting the pedal to the metal.


Viewers that used Shazam whilst watching the Jaguar TV Spot were taken to a Shazam Tag that allowed consumers to take a look inside the brand new F-Type.

The tour featured interior and exterior 360 degree views of the car, the ability to build your own custom-made F-Type and offered consumers a chance to take the sports car for a virtual spin.  


The Results 

The campaign was a success; with 55,601 page views in total and of these 26,846 being unique visitors.

Burst 1 of TV Spot Activity

  • Total user tags amounted to 19,469
  • 109% interaction rate
  • Unique visitors 10,540
  • Page views 22,148

Burst 2 of TV Spot Activity

  • 19,111
  • 161% interaction rate
  • Great social media buzz
  • Unique visitors 16,306


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