Multiplatform wins at Rugby World Cup with Specsavers


In the lead up to the Rugby World Cup tournament, Specsavers were looking to find a way to get closer to the action and really bring their much loved personalityto life; offering their own unique voice to the tournament.


The tournament has a uniquely broad audience, much like Specsavers themselves and so it was a great opportunity for the brand to be part of the wider conversation around the games as well as taking part in something completely new.


The game within the RWC App was the perfect way to bring the 'Should've gone to Specsavers' messaging to life; making sure that the Specsavers brand was fully embedded within the gamification part of the app.


Specsavers sponsored the Kick It! Game in the ITV RWC App, which included in-game and reactive branding. Audiences took kicks from the same spot as players in the live game and if missed, saw Specsavers’ well loved and humorous 'Should Have Gone to Specsavers' message on the stadium's big screen. The game was also available offline in an addictive points based mode.This was supported by broadcast promos for the app where the brand featured prominently.

To support the game, Specsavers also featured in video Premium Pushdowns on the Rugby World Cup hub on as well as MPU placement in the ITV Rugby eNewsletter.

With branded tweets from @itvrugby promoting the Kick It! game, the activity was also supported on social.


Results for Specsavers were really positive; there was strong evidence of users coming back to the game for more and not just in-the-moment gaming. We witnessed one of the highest interaction rates within the ITV RWC App and the Kick It! game specifically had the longest dwell time from audiences of almost 3 minutes.

Promoted through the ITV Rugby site, eNewsletters and branded tweets, the partnership was a flying success and was a great example of the brand doing something completely new and different; with the game being played over 750,000 times.

With thanks to Specsavers, Manning Gottlieb OMD.