Nationwide stars in Coronation Street

The Challenge 

Nationwide wanted to position its brand in a manner which was more familiar, trusted and in tune with the British public. It wanted to make customers feels it had their best financial interests at heart. By reaching out to consumers in a more personal way, it would support the bank's new brand positioning of being ‘On Your Side.’

The Insight

ITV research showed that good recall of product placement is linked with how attentive the audience is. Coronation Street is a good example of a programme with a highly engaged audience; consistently achieving a “narrative recall” score of over 90%, making it an ideal environment for placement opportunities.

Research on eye tracking concluded that characters in the programme narrative hold the attention of viewers more, so branded integrations near or used by a character are more likely to be picked up. In a test clip of 93.8 secs (containing the ATM machine) shown to 30 viewers – 10% of the time they were looking at the Nationwide ATM.

The Idea

In 2011, Nationwide and Coronation Street partnered to produce the first peak time product placement seen on ITV. The Product Placement would give Nationwide a competitive advantage and appear in the eyes of consumers as a brand that’s genuinely closer to them a Nationwide have two key integrations:

A Nationwide cash machine was placed inside the character Dev's shop along with a swingboard outside Dev's shop, ensuring a visible and prominent brand presence which seemed natural.

The Results 

The product placement partnership in Coronation Street was a huge success, with research showing 80% next day recall of narrative around placements. 7 out of 10 viewers correctly recalled Nationwide, with 90% deeming the placement either seamless, natural or unforced.

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