Nescafé Debuts Product Placement on This Morning

The Idea

In February 2011, product placement (PP) in television programmes became allowed under new Ofcom guidelines.

ITV was the first to bring product placement to the screens with The Nescafé Dolce Gusto "pod" coffee machine appearing in the the cookery section of This Morning.

The Results

Research on the effectiveness of the (passive unbranded) coffee machine placement was commissioned by ITV in partnership with Mindshare and Nestlé. 

This research took place in June 2011 (after three months' activity) to access the impact on a target consumer group of ABC1 coffee drinkers

ITV found that 30% of This Morning viewers were very likely to buy a coffee maker in the next year (twice as likely as non-viewers). 50% of these were likely to buy a pod coffee maker.

60% of all This Morning viewers mentioned "coffee" or a "coffee machine" when asked about product placement. 10% even specifically mentioned the brand (Nescafé and/or Dolce-Gusto).

Most importantly the product placement positively influenced purchasing decisions with nearly 40% saying their interest in buying a Nescafé Dolce-Gusto coffee machine increased due to the product placement. Of those surveyed, 20% considering buying one.

 To find out more about Product Placement on ITV, visit our PP Opportunities section.

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    People said their interest in buying a Nescafe coffee machine increased
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    People would consider buying a Nescafe Coffee Machine
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    Mentioned the Nescafe or Dolce-Gusto brand