Proud to Present: Marks & Spencer Christmas TV Ad

Interestingly, Marks & Spencer introduced an element of mystery to its 2014 Christmas campaign and combined this with the magical and the extraordinary to great effect.

The M&S “#FollowTheFairies” ad won Campaign magazine’s battle of the Christmas ads, capturing a third of all votes.

The campaign began with a Twitter account @thetwofairies, tweeting in rhyme and delivering gift boxes to strangers in response to tweets.

This provoked a huge amount of interest on Twitter, not least around who was behind the account.

The mysterious fairies were also seen twinkling in the sky above the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle, and visiting people across the country in need of cheering up.

Finally, the showpiece advert was broadcast for the first time on ITV during The X Factor, showing the fairies at work, set to the classic, evocative song Fly Me To The Moon. M&S demonstrated successfully how the use of spectacular, showcase television advertising could be combined with social media in such a way that it captures the imagination and hearts of viewers.

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