Proud to Present: Warburtons' The Deliverers


Our challenge was to make sure that the launch of Warburtons' brand new creative copy, The Deliverers, had the biggest impact possible during the opening episode of Britain’s Got Talent.



The idea was to launch the new Warburtons' TV spot, featuring an exclusive collaboration with Hollywood legend, Sylvester Stallone. We suggested using our Proud to Present initiative to make this launch go with a bang; bookmarking the creative with our bespoke, 10" creative idents featuring our colour-picked logo and an introductory voiceover. We worked together with Warburtons to make sure the launch was bespoke to them.



As well as the TV spot and Proud to Present intro; we created 10” teaser spots which ran for 5 days prior to the launch; urging viewers to tune in for the spot in Britain’s Got Talent which went out First in Break during the first break. The idents themselves were fully integrated with the ad; with our logo colour-picked to match their creative. As well as the TV spot; we Tweeted before and after the ad to our BGT fans, letting them know that the launch of the ad was happening.