Samsung Gets the X Factor Treatment

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In 2012, Samsung’s challenge was to raise awareness of its Galaxy range of mobile & tablet devices and become number one in the smartphone market by shifting brand perception and purchase intent. 


Technology enables us to share and connect instantly with our loved ones. 


Samsung would be the official mobile partner of The X Factor. The X Factor is the number one entertainment show in the UK, attracting millions of young, highly-engaged fans across multiple platforms. Our idea was to weave Galaxy devices naturally, through all platforms into the heart of the show. The emotional backstories and the highs and lows of the individual journeys would all be captured on a Samsung Galaxy devices through the first product placement deal with the X Factor.  


As the 'Official Mobile Partner' of the show, Samsung was present across multiple X Factor touchpoints. Wherever fans chose to interact with The X Factor  – whether it be within the broadcast, on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, X Factor site or official App – Samsung was there too.

Product Placement and the partnership bought Galaxy devices to life through:

  • Jahmene reviewing his performances on the Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet
  • Rylan calling home (rather excitedly) via his Galaxy SIII Smartphone
  • Acts chatting face-to-face with their loved ones on Galaxy Tablets
  • Exclusive video diaries, messages and fan ‘shout outs’ on YouTube and the app

As part of the partnership we also built The X Factor’s first ever app for android and used ITV’s Ad Sync to deliver additional X Factor content at the exact moment the mobile ads kicked in. All of these elements combined to create a seamless partnership that received show-stopping results…



The partnership generated talkability and brand advocacy

  • 88% of viewers were likely to recommend Samsung to friends, family and colleagues, compared to 57% of non-viewers
  • 86% of viewers were likely to talk about Samsung with friends, family and colleagues compared with 53% of non-viewers.
  • 41% of Viewers were likely to see Samsung as a Leader, compared to 22% of non-viewers 

Purchase intention for Samsung products was improved by the campaign

  • 31% of viewers were likely to buy a Samsung Smartphone the next year compared to 20% of non-viewers
  • 38% of viewers were likely to buy a Samsung Tablet the next year compared to 20% of non-viewers

The campaign was so successful that Samsung renewed in 2013. New stats to come soon!

Source: ITV/Essential Research, Base: XF viewers (n=1,157), non-viewers (n=260), viewers aware of both TV & Digital partnership (n=114)



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    of viewers would recommend Samsung
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    Of viewers see Samsung as a 'leader'