Spy - 20th Century Fox


As movies are in an increasingly loud and competitive marketplace, all striving for consumers’ attention, our challenge was to see how ITV could help 20th Century Fox to make sure their latest release, Spy, stood out from the crowd.


Epic films deserve epic treatment. SPY is a star-studded, highly-anticipated comedy that needed to receive the attention it so rightly deserves. Choosing the right platform and partnership was key to giving the film the red-carpet advertising treatment.


ITV2 was chosen as the perfect channel in which to target the hard-to-reach 16-34 Adult demo. Teasers were aired in order to drum up excitement for the real thing and together with 20th Century Fox, ITV2 hosted the premiere evening which gave their viewers the opportunity to watch an exclusive clip of the movie.



We aired co-branded broadcast teasers featuring our bespoke voiceover throughout the week as well as social media calls to action to tune in for the real thing on Friday 5th June.


On Friday 5th June from 9pm, ITV2 hosted the full break takeover. With a bespoke 10” intro and outro during the first break of Skyfall, we aired the hotly anticipated exclusive preview of the movie.


Check back soon for results!