Suzuki Swift & ITV CPM Effectiveness

The Challenge 

The objective was to extend the reach of the TV campaign, and to see how awareness is affected. They also wanted to investigate changes in perception and brand image. Having seen the ad within the VOD content, has consideration to purchase or seek out further information increased? 

The Idea 

A TV and online campaign for the Suzuki Swift featured a video ad which ran for 3 weeks on and also overlapped with a TV campaign in the same period. 

Fieldwork was conducted between 27 September – 18 October 2010. The sample for the target audience (women aged 16 – 34) comprised 1680 respondents.  Of these, 627 were exposed (37.3%) to the campaign on and / or TV and 1053 were not exposed (62.7%) to either medium. 

The Results

The results suggested that TV ads is driving prompted awareness. TV & Online together are increasing agreement that Suzuki Swift would be first choice for a new purchase. All key brand messages were improved by TV & online exposure and Ad standout was improved by dual exposure – particularly Fun, Interest & Relevance. All forms of post-ad response are improved by Dual exposure. 

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    Growth in favourability towards [b]Suzuki[/b] vs unexposed%br/group
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    Growth in favourability towards the%br/TV only group