Twitter Amplify boosts Paddy Power and Gillette

ITV teamed up with Twitter Amplify on World Cup campaigns for Paddy Power and Gillette. Live clips were tweeted out for Paddy Power, whilst curated content was created for Gillette with their specially chosen 'Close Shave' and 'Goal of the Day' clips, which let the joy of the beautiful game shine through.



The World Cup is a difficult time for brands to be heard, but we wanted to ensure that Gillette had a voice in this time and were promoting their association with the World Cup amongst their brand ambassadors.

For Paddy Power, it was important to make sure that they were the first to be considered for all World Cup betting.


It had been proven that this would be the ‘social’ World Cup in terms of its reactionary content, and Twitter was the ideal place to utilise this.

The insight for Paddy Power was thinking about how key moments in matches have been proven in the past to persuade viewers to make a bet, and how we could utilise this.


To curate specially chosen content in the form of ‘Close Shave’ and ‘Goal of the Day’ clips, which let the joy of the beautiful game shine through. These were tweeted daily from the ITV Football account and promoted using Twitter Amplify.

With Paddy Power, instead of curated content, it was important to monopolise on live clips from the games so that any offers could be marketing on immediately.



A Goal of the Day clip was posted on @itvfootball, then amplified on Twitter.
Clip hosted on the ITV World Cup specialised site -
Paddy Power: Live clips from the World Cup matches were published on @itvfootball and amplified on Twitter; promoting the use of #BrazilNuts.
Gillette idents pre & post clip
MPU on ITV World Cup site
Leaderboard on ITV World Cup site
Mobile banner on ITV World Cup site



High levels of engagement:

  • 43,570 Total Video Views
  • 41,175 Page Views
  • 32,817 Unique Browsers
  • 1min 8sec Dwell Time
  • 28 Total Tweets. 1,643 Retweets. 1,590 Favourites
  • The most popular clip was the James Rodriguez goal in the Colombia v Uruguay game with an impressive 12,132 views.

Paddy Power:

Key moments of the world cup gained the most engagements as followers wanted to share the moment.

  • Use of the #BrazilNuts hashtag allowed users to follow the conversation.
  • 4.2 million trend impressions
  • 129.8k clicks
  • 1230 new followers