Virgin Media and BGT – A Perfect Partnership

The Challenge

With customer acquisition numbers not at the desired level and with their main rival, Sky having a much sizeable marketing budget, Virgin Media needed an innovative solution to get their subscriber numbers up.

The Insight

To rival Sky’s tagline to 'Believe in Better', Virgin Media decided to prove it was counter it by allowing people to experience its point of difference by making advocates from existing customers and staff, and harnessing their influence to grow the business. 

The Idea

'Keep Up with Britain’s Talent’ was developed as a way of encompassing different aspects of Virgin Media that they wanted to promote. 'Keep Up' demonstrating speed, performance and a challenge to their competitors, 'Britain' showcasing home-grown excellence and, 'Talent', celebrating performance and creating powerful and influential advocates from their staff and customers by showing their personal talents and achievements.

Virgin Media sponsored Britain's Got Talent, creating the Virgin Media Talent School, which formed the bedrock of the partnership, showing bumpers which included talented people showcasing amazing skills, and Branson himself auditioning at the Talent School. Further tricks, stunts and secrets were available on Virgin Media’s site, where visitors could explore, upload personal talents and win VIP show tickets.

Customer rewards and advocacy were delivered with ITV, Syco and FremantleMedia Enterprises, working together to allocate an entire Birmingham audition audience to Virgin Media customers. Customers also had the chance to become BGT 'Backstagers', reporting behind the scenes in daily video streams. Exclusive VIP ticket competitions also helped create customer advocacy. 

The Results

The sponsorship was an enormous success with:

  • 40% spontaneous awareness of Virgin Media’s sponsorship (four times ITV’s 10% benchmark)
  • 37% consideration for any Virgin Media, which is 50% higher than non-viewers’, rising to 65% amongst Sky customers.
  • Purchase consideration grew from 32% to 59% by the end of the campaign
  • Brand affinity increased to 51% having a high/very high opinion of Virgin Media, compared to 34% in the control group

Watch the video case study above for more information!

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    Spontaneous awareness of the sponsorship
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    Increase in purchase consideration

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