#YouDrive interactive ads


Launch the new Mercedes A-Class to a younger market.


All the best launches feel like an event, rather than an announcement. 


To create a bang we needed the right backdrop, the first live X Factor show of the year is a real broadcast event. Moreover we know that X Factor viewers love to interact with onscreen content. We therefore used a combination of ITV’s live ad technology and Twitter to enable viewers to take an interactive journey that allowed them  to 'drive' the new Mercedes A-Class through different on-air creatives. 


Mercedes set the scene with 60” spot called 'Ambush’. This introduced the A-Class and real rap superstar Kano on a quest to perform a secret gig. The spot included a call-to-action for viewers to chose the next part of the story via Twitter, with either #Hide or #Evade. 

To build excitement and anticipation, a 10” #Youdrive teaser spot was aired next to X Factor promos during the week. This asked viewers to tune into Saturday’s  X Factor to 'drive' the new Mercedes. 

Then for the really exciting bit: Just before the Saturday night spot, a continuity announcement told viewers to have their mobiles at the ready.  When ads hit the screen, viewers were able to vote for the next part of the journey via twitter.

ITV’s Live ads transmission team then compiled Twitter votes and aired the winning ad later in The X Factor.

The #YouDrive interactive campaign was a unique event as the chosen #Evade creative was played out, just an hour and fifteen minutes after the original ad.



  • ITV received 17,000 tweets & our viewers on Twitter loved #YouDrive!
  • 67% rated the ad 'Very Good or Excellent’*
  • The #YouDrive hashtag appeared in timelines 16m times over the course of the weekend
  • Post campaign airing on ITV search volumes for A-Class increased by 55%. Even better news for Mercedes was the positive shift in brand metrics
  • Agreement that 'Mercedes has great ad campaigns’ increased by 17%*
  • More importantly, there was a 6% increase in the ‘Aspire to Own a Mercedes’ metric*

*Source: ITV Vision Panel survey, Nov 2012. Based All who saw call to tweet ad (n=190); All who saw spot ad (n=262)

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    #YouDrive appeared in timelines
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    Desire to own a Mercedes