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Regional Key Facts

See how ITV can support your brand flexibly across the UK

Our regional advertising opportunities enable brands to scale up and scale back up efficiently and effectively. All costs based on November 2020 pricing (as of 4th of November) based on medium-weight spot airtime of 100 adult TVRs per week (station price costs) combined with medium-weight ITV Hub VOD campaigns adding 15% to this investment. 

Please speak to your ITV Commercial contact for further details or click through at the bottom for more details by region. 

*Please note this information is specific to today's date: 04.11.20 and subject to change.

Tyne and Tees Region

Tyne Tees

Sub-regions? No
Total daily viewing: 4h 14m
Adult TV universe: 2.22m
ITV Hub registered users: 1.35m
TV spot investment: £15,710
ITV Hub VOD investment: £2,356
Total investment: £18,066
Adult spot impacts 1+Reach: 503k
VOD impressions: 67.3k
Flexible booking? Yes

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Yorkshire Region


Sub-regions? Yes
Total daily viewing: 4h 18m
Adult TV universe: 4.97m
ITV Hub registered users: 3.03m
TV spot investment: £34,975
ITV Hub VOD investment: £5,246
Total investment: £40,222
Adult spot impacts 1+Reach: 974k
VOD impressions: 149.9k
Flexible booking? Yes

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Border Region


Sub-regions? No
Total daily viewing: 4h 46m
Adult TV universe: 503k
ITV Hub registered users: 296k
TV spot investment: £2,642
ITV Hub VOD investment: £396
Total investment: £3,038
Adult spot impacts 1+Reach: 80k
VOD impressions: 11.3k
Flexible booking? Yes

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ITV Map 6 Scotland MICRO-2019-01.jpg


Sub-regions? Yes
Total daily viewing: 4h 29m
Adult TV universe: 4.03m
ITV Hub registered users: 3.50m
TV spot investment: £37,268
ITV Hub VOD investment: £5,590
Total investment: £42,859
Adult spot impacts 1+Reach: 1.11m
VOD impressions: 159.7k
Flexible booking? Yes

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Ulster Region


Sub-regions? No
Total daily viewing: 4h 3m
Adult TV universe: 1.44m
ITV Hub registered users: 855k
TV spot investment: £7,989
ITV Hub VOD investment: £1,198
Total investment: £9,187
Adult spot impacts
VOD impressions: 34.2k
Flexible booking? Yes

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Granada Region


Sub-regions? No
Total daily viewing: 4h 46m
Adult TV universe: 5.47m
ITV Hub registered users: 3.78m
TV spot investment: £49,725
ITV Hub VOD investment: £7,459
Total investment: £57,184
Adult spot impacts 1+Reach: 1.26m
VOD impressions: 213.1k
Flexible booking? Yes

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Central Region


Sub-regions? Yes
Total daily viewing: 4h 5m
Adult TV universe: 6.98m
ITV Hub registered users: 4.23m
TV spot investment: £84,493
ITV Hub VOD investment: £12,674
Total investment: £97,167
Adult spot impacts 1+Reach: 1.45m
VOD impressions: 362.1k
Flexible booking? Yes

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ITV Map 3 ANGLIA micro V9-2019-01.jpg


Sub-regions? Yes
Total daily viewing: 3h 52m
Adult TV universe: 3.87m
ITV Hub registered users: 2.33m
TV spot investment: £43,891
ITV Hub VOD investment: £6,584
Total investment: £50,475
Adult spot impacts
VOD impressions: 188.1k
Flexible booking? Yes

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Wales Region


Sub-regions? No
Total daily viewing: 4h 8m
Adult TV universe: 2.46m
ITV Hub registered users: 1.55m
TV spot investment: £18,987
ITV Hub VOD investment: £2,848
Total investment: £21,835
Adult spot impacts
VOD impressions: 81.4k
Flexible booking? Yes

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West Region


Sub-regions? No
Total daily viewing: 3h 19m
Adult TV universe: 1.87m
ITV Hub registered users: 1.22m
TV spot investment: £13,801
ITV Hub VOD investment: £2,070
Total investment: £15,871
Adult spot impacts
VOD impressions: 59.1k
Flexible booking? Yes

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West Country Region

West Country

Sub-regions? No
Total daily viewing: 4h 27m
Adult TV universe: 1.49m
ITV Hub registered users: 920k
TV spot investment: £10,261
ITV Hub VOD investment: £1,539
Total investment: £11,800
Adult spot impacts
VOD impressions: 44.0k
Flexible booking? Yes

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London Region


Sub-regions? No
Total daily viewing: 3h 33m
Adult TV universe: 9.94m
ITV Hub registered users: 6.74m
TV spot investment: £165,520
ITV Hub VOD investment: £24,828
Total investment: £190,348
Adult spot impacts
VOD impressions: 709.4k
Flexible booking? Yes

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ITV Map 3 MERIDIAN micro-2019-01.jpg


Sub-regions? Yes
Total daily viewing: 3h 38m
Adult TV universe: 5.87m
ITV Hub registered users: 3.68m
TV spot investment: £79,311
ITV Hub VOD investment: £11,897
Total investment: £91,208
Adult spot impacts 1+Reach: 1.10m
VOD impressions: 339.9k
Flexible booking? Yes

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Overall UK Map_2019_Layered-01.jpg

How regionality can supercharge your business

ITV may be a global business, but we sit at the heart of the UK’s nations and regions. From the very beginning, regionality was key to ITV’s success and expansion, it remains so today.

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Regional Advertising

We're the only broadcaster that allows advertisers to target consumers on a national, macro, regional, and micro level - just reach out and choose the audience you want to speak to.

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