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ITV Backing Business - Loading the Dice in your favour.

Wednesday September 30th, 11am (London time)

The next few months and beyond are looking tough for many businesses, with increasing pressure on the economy from Covid restrictions, a potential no-deal Brexit and rising levels of unemployment. History tells us that when times are tough, marketing budgets are early casualties. So if your marketing budget is getting tighter, what can you do to load the dice in your favour and improve your chances of success?
ITV's Client, Strategy and Planning team Director Kate Waters will host the session with:
- Claire Sadler, Marketing Director, Direct Line
- Vicki Holgate, Effective Creative Excellence Director
- Dan Izbicki, Founder, Ethos and Marketing Simulator
- Sameer Modha, Client Effectiveness Lead, ITV
So, if your marketing budget is getting tighter, what can you do to load the dice in your favour and improve your chances of success? Read Claire Sadler's summary of the collective wisdom of the panel, plus some of her own experiences.
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