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Our Advanced Booking (AB) deadline policy

As part of our Backing Business initiative, we're offering advertisers: 

  • More supportive terms for campaign deferments and amendments

  • Late booking incentives (rather than charges) to stimulate the market

  • Support packages for particularly hard-hit sectors such as charities, education and cultural heritage organisations

  • Subsidised creative production services


To help stimulate growth, we've made long-term commitment in the area of our Advanced Booking (AB) deadline policy - something we hope will be extremely welcome news for all our partners.


We’re ending all charges for bookings made after AB deadlines, up to the month of transmission.


If you’re an advertiser wanting to keep to your original AB deadline you can continue to do so, and you’ll hold on to all your original benefits, according to your deal: whether that’s agreed dayparts, centre breaks (CBs), position in breaks (PIBs), Pick Your Own (PYO) programme selection and any agreed discounts. The exception to this is those contracts which state that schedules are delivered 10 days before the month of transmission.


There will be no charges for bookings made after the original AB but up to 4 weeks before the month of transmission, and you’ll also receive both your full deal programme choice and full deal price. However, the remaining benefits will be on a ‘work towards’ basis, which means we won’t guarantee delivery of dayparts, CBs and PIBs versus your deal and won’t reconcile to it.


Additionally, bookings made after the Monday 4 weeks prior to transmission will not be charged either, and discounts will continue to be applied as per your deal. However, dayparts, CBs, PIBs and PYOs will all be on a ‘work towards’ basis, as detailed above. And for bookings made within the month of transmission itself, all elements of campaigns will be delivered according to market conditions.


In summary, anyone can approve at any time up to the month of transmission and get their deal price. Our ambition is to abolish late charges entirely, and this move is a key step towards that.


For more information contact your ITV Sales Representative.

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