Advertising on ITV is not as expensive as you might think. Packages of airtime in the Anglia region can be bought for as little as £5,640*and you could extend your TV campaign across the full Anglia region on the ITV Hub for as little as £600.

To help make your TV advertising as targeted and effective as possible the Anglia region is also divided into two micro regions: ITV Anglia East and ITV Anglia West.

To find out more about the benefits of advertising in Anglia, the South-East macro region or either of the Anglia micro regions, please contact us on 01603 543 800

Location Highlights

  • 97% of adults watch TV in Anglia
  • 89% watch ITV
  • In a week ITV reaches 62% of adults in the Anglia region

At Media Managers we have always seen real benefit for our clients – regional and national – in using television advertising campaigns on ITV. We have never worried about the myths concerning the medium being far too expensive and impractical for advertisers with limited budgets and our clients have invariably benefitted measurably from its use.

Richard Whiley , Media Managers

As an agency we have found ITV to not only be highly effective in terms of brand delivery, but with effective tracking designed for clients, we can attribute highly accurate sales uplift figures to an individual product level as a result of well targeted ITV campaigns in both peak and off-peak areas of the rate-card. Where brands require access to the geographical area represented by the Anglia TV region and beyond, TV advertising via ITV is undoubtedly our number one recommendation.

Max Edwards , Group Managing Director, ETT Marcoms.